A garden patch of your own!


Grow a garden of your own!

Grow the freshest, most delicious vegetables and herbs in your very own garden space.
Pick a tomato right off the vine! Grow those heirloom varieties you have always wanted.

Grow your own vegetables and herbs. 

Fresh flavorful vegetables for your table
When you Rent a Garden at this Grand Haven farm.

Vegetables picked right from your garden when you grow your own, will make you wonder why you haven't grown a garden before.  The taste of those mouth watering tomatoes, peppers with the fire inside,  peas with all their snap and sweetness will make your meals the best ever.  You can grow Herbs in your garden for rent that will make your food explode with flavor.  While you are at it get all the nutrition that nature intended by growing the vegetables yourself. 

No Space - No Problem!

We've got a garden space for you! You can rent it today and you can start growing a garden almost immediatly.  

Your vegetables, your fun, you decide.

Rent a Garden and whether you grow just beans and broccolli or grow everything from arugula to zucchini. You will experience flavors you never knew possible. There is nothing like fresh Sweet Corn picked the same day that you eat it,  or the crunch of a carrot pulled right out of the ground.  You will also have a chance to try some of those vegetables that you just can't get in the store or that cost an arm and a leg to purchase.     

You're gonna love it.

With the sun on your shoulders,  the dirt between your toe's and the relaxation that comes with time out of doors, you can spend all the time you want in your garden,  watching your garden grow and enjoying the Zen of gardening. 

Save Money by growing it yourself. 

Eat fresh vegetables from your rental garden and save your budget while having the absolute best food for your family.  We all know how much it costs to fill up your cart with mediocre vegetables from the grocery store.  Instead you can fill up your market basket,even your trunk, with the fresh goodness that you pick from your garden.  Savor the fruits of your labor alll year long by filling your freezer and filling that pantry with produce you preserve yourself. You can save a bundle throughout the year. 

Expertise and how-to guidance to make your garden a success.

You can get guidance on how to grow a successful garden directly from John.  He has spent his lifetime on the farm and has years of experience growing vegetables.   His knowledge, and your effort can make your garden an amazing success. He will be available to share his advice via email, or just talk to him when he is out in the garden with you.   See about us.

Reserve your garden space today!  

Call 616-846-8986  or Send an email to 

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  and let us know that you would like to rent one of our garden spaces.    You can pay directly via check or cash or with your charge card through paypal.

Type of Garden







Fresh, tasty vegetables
grown your way.